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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the problems police are worried about tonight. and what's being done to prevent them. ==terry//2 shot== thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. ==peggy//2 shot== and i'm peggy bunker. ===terry/cu=== halloween turned three peop are dead aft a . plowed into a group of trick- or-treaters. ==take vo== this happened in the bronx earlier this evening. you're looking at the aftermath -- a smashed up car in a yard. police say the driver rammed into another vehicle, then slammed into a group of people
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on the sidewalk. two adults and a 10-year-old girl were killed. fourth others were taken to the hospital. right now, it's not clear what sed adults and a 10-year-old girl were killed. four others were taken to the hospital. outn now it's not clear what caused the crash that started all of that. probation officers across the bay area and across the offenry are out in force this halloween for operation lights rs were tonight officers were conducting complyians checks on registered sex offendsers who have "operatid crimes against children. o haoffenders were notified in and noe about the al qaeda trickdown to comply with the national operation lights out program sex offenders are s.quired to have their lights out on halloween and not to bay ar the door for trick or treater. this of course helps parents and wiildren skip those homes. safety was on the mind of d. ents across the bay area tonight as they ventured out with their children. ounge trick or treaters are gathering goodies from homes in willow bay. parents told us they were taking all kinds of precautions as had
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to teapon out trick or treating. an adult with was younger kids. and made sure they were visible on streets. us thmade sure they were wearing glow sticks and preseces to try to light them up. it is a hazard and a concern for all the parents out there. an fraves also told us they were drive really slowly in neighborhoods that were trick or take ing and lots of kids were present. call ew at 11:00 san francisco police had their hands full after an armed robbery turned into a high-speed chase. it started at 4:00 this march escriptiicers got a call about a robbery in judea. d the bbers get away. an hour later three men matching the suspects description was seen in a car downtown. officers tried to stop the car. the chase then began. the suspects caused two roll over crashes as they made their way lieu downtown finally coming
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to a halt in the potrero hill neighborhood. >> the suspect vehicle crashed into a parked vehicle. all three suspects jumped ow. officers initiated a foot pursuit after them. all three suspects were an recomprehendsed. my understanding is that weapon or weapons were apprehended as well. >> the other people injured were the victims of the two roll over crashes. right now tens of thousands are in san francisco for halloween. there is no official party in the castro district but people n a going there anyway hanging out sell brighting the 31st. you might remember the throng of undele who hung out in the area safety2006 when a street pointing disrupted the street party. christie joins us from the cast row district. lots of concerns about safety tonight. >> reporter: that's right. there are a lot of san francisco police officers out here tonight
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on foot and in cars reminding folks to be safe not to drink out on the street. also reminding folks there is the potential that if someone has a mask they might want to take advantage, all of this to remind people to try and be safe. the halloween celebrations were in full swing tonight in the cast troe district with elaborate costumes that glow, hand made and surely were creative. >> nothing fancy. nothing elaborate. >> reporter: a night that attracted people that have never come to the city but heard this was a good place to be. these friends are from brazil. >> we want to this party this part of the city in this fight. i think it's interesting. >> reporter: this pair from germany and singapore. >> we have a hotel just in the valley. we were commanded castro for halloween. >> reporter: the big street parties in the kasz troe, those are a thing of the past.
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coming here is still a big draw. >> no official sanctioned event here in the district. as you can see there are a lot of people who are celebrating halloween. we expected that. so there was multiple officers here. there is a lot of people here as well. >> reporter: police reminding people try and be safe, not drink in the streets. officers were very visible. >> there is a lot of personalities. everybody is collecting here. i believe it brings everyone back no matter if there is a street party or not. it's always going to stay fun. >> reporter: at hot cookie with new owners they brought in extra help behind the counter. >> it's going great. we have a lot of amazing clients coming in dressed in a lot of unique outfits. >> it's awesome like a lot of cool costumes. >> reporter: certainly a lot of food foot traffic out here. a lot of street traffic, too. muni tweeted earlier to expect delays through the area. we asked if they had arrest numbers from san francisco police. they said they wouldn't have
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that information until maybe tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> 11:05 crowds still going strong. some smember this? we are looking at snow in the sierra. rain herut to make a return. by this time tomorrow storms could be dumping snow in the mountains. >> maybe not skiing yet. >> not yet. unless you have those rock skis and don't mind. it also means there is potential for rain in the bay area. meteorologist anthony slaughter joining us now. big changes on the way. >> this time tomorrow we will be talking about rain and quite a bit of it. this storm system is developing across the pacific. the moist plume extends toward hawaii. this is going to be a significant storm for us. not only will it bring rain. it's going to bring sierra snow and gusty wind. it is an early season storming in we are not used to seeing until december. get ready the rain is already starting to fall across parts of northern california. let's time this out. tomorrow, really all morning
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long we'll say dry, it is not until 12 or 1:00 the north bay will see showers first. and then 5:00 still north of the golden gate bridge. in the evening hours the showers spread south and we've got something to talk about. winter storm. a winter storm watch is in effect for the sierra. we'll talk more about that and the winds nar going to pick up and ll. an early and disappointing end to halloween formal-goers in milpitas. an entire movie theater and restaurant at the great mall in told ty area had to be evacuated because of a bomb threat. there coppola is live there. chuck, it had to be disturbing for people if that theater suddenly told to evacuate. >> reporter: disturbing and inconvenient. fortunately, however, no bomb was found. but it was a very busy night here at the great mall century theater complex behind me in mill paid as. a large crowd was here when the
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telephoned bomb threat came in at 9:25. shortly after that, within five minutes evacuations started of 250 people. century theater remained close. in fact closed early tonight after the bomb threat was called in. a police spokeman said no ransom nor demand was made by the phone call that was answered by a telephone employee. police add that the caller's voice was disguised. the plaza outside the theater and a nearby outback steak house restaurant were also evacuated. both remained closed after police gave the all clear roughly 45 minutes later. >> we were watching the movie. it just start, actually. and then all of a sudden there is two guys that come in that says i'm sorry you have to vacate because there is an incident. and then they opened the exit door. and that's it. this was one in back and one that stayed by the door and made
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sure we went off. >> four mill paid as police officers along the mall security and theater employees conducted the visual search. neither the bomb squad for the bomb sniffing dogs part mate paided. the movie-goers have been promise refunds. it may have been a prank. we simply don't know. however, mill paid as police officers will be working with the phone company to track where suits all came from. eeporting live, nbc bay area news. there are mounding legal tsbls for pge tonight. at least four major lawsuits blame the company for causing the deadly beauty fire. the lawsuits focus on essential tree trimming around power lines hills ge allegedly failed to do. pge publicly acknowledged that sparks from its power lines
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could have started the blaze. the beauty county fired up in sal elevators down east of stockton. two people were killed and 500 homes were destroyed in the 110 feuare mile fire. every second koupts. one uncil woman is crediting firefighters for helping save her life. nancy pile suffered a massive heart attack yesterday. we reached her by phone today. she tells us it happened at a convention at the san jose convention center. firefighters happened to be in the building. they immediately began cpr and got her breathing again. pile served on the council from 2004 to 2012 is now resting in a respo bay hospital. she says she is sore but going to be okay. mie tells us the san jose fire fighters are the best in the world. the first responders visit her t mahe hospital to see how she is doing. the search may be over for a boat missing since hurricane
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joaquin hit. pened overy today that may point ed its location. plus former six flags employees claim the condition for animals are unsafe. what they claim happened when they pointed that out and what they are doing now to fight it. ♪
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♪ ♪ disappeared during hurricane joaquin may a developing story. the search for a cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin may finally be over. a search team on a navy ship found wreckage of the vessel near its last known position. sonar picked up the image of an upright ship about 15,000 feet under the surface. they plan to use a deep ocean
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vehicle to get closer look. as the hurricane bored down on the bahamas, it caught the ship and four people were on board. a plane crashed killing all on board. the plane departed from a popular vacation destination for russians. it was supposed to land in st. petersburg. 23 minutes after takeoff the pilot requested an emergency landing. the plane dropped suddenly, disappeared completely from radar and crashed. both black boxes have been recovered. the crew complained of engine troubles on the doomed plane several times in the past week. in romania 27 people were killed when pyrotechnics from a rock concert started a fire. about 400 people were packed
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into the rock club at the basement of a old issue manufactu manufacturing factory. dozens remain in the hospital. romania's government has declared the next three days a period of national mourning. a follow up to a story we brought you earlier this week. an animal rights group and two former employees are making concerns known about what they are calling dangerous conditions for animals at six flags voyage. employees say they spoke up about conditions at the park and got fired. today animal advocates protested in front of the park and had a message for people going to six flags. >> we encourage them not to come back until six flags has sent all the animals to certified sanctuaries or to places where they can be rehabilitated for releasing to the wild. >> six flags didn't return calls
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for a comment this week. but a spokesperson said conditions are safe for animals and a lawsuit is without merit. >> if you were out there tonight. a warm night. but things are about to change. >> oh, yeah. we are tracking a big system. in fact showers will be falling across the bay this time tomorrow night. we are tracking a significant storm that's going to bring rain, gusty winds, even sierra snow over the next two days. right now things are starting to change. we have clouds building in and fog in san francisco. you can definitely tell things are changing. low clouds drifting by. we will also have fog tomorrow morning. we'll continue with a cloud cover as we move towards the afternoon hours, showers in san francisco. and the north bay for the afternoon. the rest of us will see showers towards sunset. the east bay, peninsula and south bay will see those showers as we move towards tomorrow night. tonight as we head to bed we get
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an extra hour of sleep as daylight saving comes to an end. at sunset i think we'll start to see most of our showers falling tomorrow, sunset. not all that warm. 74 for san jose. 75 for gilroy. north into san francisco that's wherele see gray skpis and potential for on and off showers at least during the day. north bay not a whole lot of sunshine there as well. 72 for napa. 70 for santa rosa. hayward, a few peek of sun. 71 there. livermore in the trivalley and pleasant on the, you will see more sunshine but the rain arrives towards sunset. let's time this out. heavy rain tonight across parts of northern california. at home not until tomorrow afternoon. santa rosa, napa, fairfield you will start to see the showers right around lunchtime. then as we move toward the evening hours, 6:00, 7:00, those
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showers spread down towards the south bay and we will see thunderstorm activity as it moves thou for monday. we are not done with this yet. look at these totals, expressive considering we have not seen anything like this. you have to go a few monthsback to see anything at least estimated on the rainfall maps. we are expecting about half an inch in some of the valley floor locations which would put us at an inch for higher elevations. great news there. also a winter storm watch has been posted for the sierra. chains are required. they are expecting up to a foot of snow across parts of the higher elevations, above 7,000 feet. as the storm system moves out, we are going to see winds picking up. that's going to mean chilly conditions as we move towards this upcoming week. you can look at the temperature trend. 70 tomorrow, 60s this upcoming week and those 60s stay around all the way through next week. fall is here. get ready. >> love it. i love this change. look forward to it. >> let's check in with mr.
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halloween himself. >> yes, mr. halloween. he knows how to rock it. >> henry. what's going on? >> a lot going on. in fact we are going to have some breaking news. the number eight team in the country, stanford, they are game went down to the final seconds. and it all went down to a 43-yard field goal attempt. we'll tell you if the number eight team in the country got the win. also the warriors take on the pelicans for the second time this season. find out how big of a game steph curry had. yes, more than 50 points tonight for the mvp. we'll be right back. halloween clash with the
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pelicans saturday, and welcome to nbc bay area. the warriors traveled to the big easy for a halloween clash with the pelicans today. and just when you thought you have seen it all from the reigning league mvp, he comes up with new ways to haunt the pelicans. let's get to business.
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steph curry was scary.good in this one. monster third quarter for the mvp. a great no-look pass to harrison barnes. barnes knows what to do with it. slam. the harm and the bucket. later in the quarter, curry in transition. behind your back young man for the layup. ws up 11. under a minute to play in the third curry pulls up and says time to get my groove on. all in your shoulders. curry had 28 in the third, finished with 53 points. ws win 124-120. >> coming out with the same mentality, trying to leave it in for another game. a hot start to the season, i want to try to keep it going. we are 3-0 in the process. that's all that matters. over to the 49ers. this might be a surprising move. the 49ers wave jarrett haines
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today, the former rugby player was released in order to promote running back gas kins to the 53 man active roster. he is expected to be active for sunday's game against the rams. here what our matt may okayo had to say about it. in fact earlier he said it was a move they had to make. game four of the classic. royals ahead 2-1. top of the eighth mike mustakas. a driving murphy. cain will score. royals score three in the eighth to take a two-run lead. bottom of the ninth. winning run at the plate. double play. royals win 5-3. they have a 3-1 series lead. before we go, stanford survived a scare against washington state tonight. the cougars had a chance to win with it a 43-yard field goal. but it sailed wide right.
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the cardinal win 30-28. get this. the sharks fell to the stars 5-3 in dallas today. but that cardinal gale, number eight team in the country, they survived. >> closely watched game. comes down to the final
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it came from outer space and just in time for halloween. ==peggy== tonight we're getting a good look at the it came from outer space, just in time for halloween. >> look at this. we are getting a good look at thises strayed nasa has named the great pumpkin. linus as right after this. the asteroid actually looks like a giant skull hurdling through the atmosphere. it is as large as a football stadium moving at 80,000 miles per hour, 22 miles per second.
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>> if it comes really close, please duck. >> good advice harry. >>
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♪ >> you're watching "fox & friends." [ laughter ] >> hey, welcome back to "fox & friends." i'm steve doocy, and with me as usual, elisabeth hasselbeck, brian kilmeade. >> hi there. >> good morning. >> well, congress is having a


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